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In the Old World Wine countries, for example in France, Italy and Spain; wine is named and labelled geographically rather than by grape variety. This is unlike the New World countries and regions such as Australia and California, who label by grape variety to simplify the process for the consumer. The Old World way can cause confusion and extra time to memorise which grape varieties particular wines are made from, especially for those beginning to learn about wine.

Wine Angel is here to help as the whole concept of Wine Angel is to give you as much information about grape varieties as possible so you can learn these and then choose and find wines you like. Then with this knowledge you can discover different wines from all over the world by choosing your same favourite grape varieties, but from a different place! This will also help you to identify, choose and know the difference between wines when buying them in restaurants, in a bar or shop.

So here is a list of the most common known Old World wines, where they are from, their style and which main grape varieties they are made from. Hope it helps!

Wine NamePlaceStyleMain Grape Varieties

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