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Which Wine What Food?

Which Wine What Food?

Read my forethought below on wine and food matching and then select a food group for explanations and tips regarding how wine interacts with each.

Also have a read of the general rules that have been tried and tested for years with wine experts, and then test yourself with the old faithful matches to see if you can explain why the wine and food match so well!

But best of all, have a play on the wine angel wine and food matching APP. Download to your iphone and take it with you to supermarkets and restaurants to help you choose that perfect wine for dinner! Just type in what food and in which style you are having and it will lead you to a suggested grape variety and examples of wines to match perfectly. Specific wines from particular vineyards or vendors have not be suggested (like other magazines or sources) because we all shop in different places, we all have varying budgets and we can never remember which wine was recommended anyway! The Wine Angel is all about learning your grape varieties and helping you to be empowered to make that choice and experiment with new wines!


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