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Wine Angel iPhone App

Our iPhone app contains a Worldwide Guide to Grape Varieties, Food & Wine Matching, Wine Wisdom Blog, YouTube Videos, Dictionary, Wine Tasting Notes and much, much more!

Wine Angel iPhone app is for everyone who likes wine…

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International Grape Varieties

  • Reference guide for grape varieties that appear in all wine producing countries
  • Learn about Grape Variety Geography, Taste & Smell, Appearance, Price and Food Matching
  • Use this guide to find your favourite varieties and choose which wines to taste

World Guide to Wine Producing Countries

  • Complete reference guide to all of the wine producing countries around the world
  • Learn about a country’s grape varieties, classic styles, must tastes, and locate it’s wine producing regions on a map
  • Use this guide to Expand your knowledge and your palate and discover what exciting wines are out there which you may have been missing!

Food and Wine Matching

  • General reference guide to pair your food with suggested grape varieties
  • Food groups are split into categories (Cheese, Fish, Meat) then broken down further to pair with specific varieties and wines
  • Wine Angel is about learning your grape varieties so you can choose your favourite style and flavours without being told which wine to choose

Wine Wisdom

  • Updated weekly, download and read offline the Wine Angel Blog
  • Blog posts include Wine News, Opinions, Tastings, Trips and more…
  • Keep up to date and expand your knowledge of the wine world…

Wine Wisdom

  • Updated regularly, view the Wine Angel Youtube video channel
  • Video posts include short videos related to wine, from tutorials to tastings
  • Easy to learn and a great alternative to reading about wine

Comprehensive Wine Dictionary

  • Need to know an Appellation is? Maybe Carbonic Maceration?

  • Our dictionary explains wine terms in way that is easy to understand

  • Expand your knowledge of terms about wine

Personal Tasting Notes

  • Record your own tasting notes and review any wine you taste
  • Add information about Grape Variety, Country, Vintage, Appearance, Taste and Smell. Rate your wine, record where and when you tasted, and even add a photo.
  • Build up your own database of wine tastings. Never forget your favourite wines, wherever you may be, supermarket, at home or in a restaurant.

Facebook and Twitter integration

  • Share your tasting notes with your Facebook friends
  • Share your tasting notes with your Twitter followers

Wine Angel News and Tweets

  • Updated constantly, follow the latest Wine Angel news and views from Twitter
  • Read full wine related news and views from around the world
  • Be the first to read the latest wine related info, hand picked by the Wine Angel

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