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My name is Tracy Lee, aka Wine Angel.

I’m a wife, mother, step-mother, Science graduate turned wine writer (and forever a wine student as there is always something new to learn!).

I can’t stop learning about wine- the more I do, the more I want to know and I hope I can pass this enthusiasm onto you! I am on my path to my ultimate goal of being a Master of Wine, and am enjoying this journey immensely….sadly, I do love an exam!

My life is dedicated to my three passions in life- my family, travel and wine. Strangely enough, they all work very well together!

So where did Wine Angel come from you may ask? Well, I’ve been interested in, learning about and studying wine for over ten years now and ever since I started this journey I have come to realise there is a big problem in the way we view wine. It’s not our fault; it’s the way in which we are treated! We want to know more about wine, to be inspired, and be empowered to have the confidence to choose our wine based on knowledge as well as our own opinion. What you want to drink is correct!

I’m a big foodie, and there has been a massive food revolution over the last ten years in the way we think, cook and choose our food, but not for wine? But why not? There is a huge snobbery element within the wine world. To be honest, a lot of it is well deserved as the more money people earn and have to spend, why shouldn’t they treat themselves to fine wines? But there are a huge amount of people wasting money on wines they don’t like or the wrong wine on lists in restaurants as they have heard the name before or feel they have to impress or purchase a more expensive wine as it ‘must’ be better? Which wine do you take to a dinner party or serve to a connoisseur who is coming round for supper? And there are those of us who wander around the wine aisles in supermarkets screaming inside ‘someone help me please, where do I start?!’ but are too embarrassed to ask? Yes…I’m sure we’ve been in at least one of these situations before!

There are some incredible wine writers out there, many of whom are my idols and have a wealth of experience. I have a room full of wine books, and I wouldn’t be without any of them but some of these books however, are too complicated, too big to lug around as purely reference material, some are too simple and others completely patronising! So I wanted to produce a media form that was current, easy to use on the go and aimed at the everyday, normal person who loves wine, wants to know more but doesn’t know where to start (and even those people who want to fill in the gaps!). So Wine Angel was born.

We’re all busy people these days, either working long hours, commuting, looking after children or studying something else! That’s why you find yourself in a catch-22 situation- ‘I want to learn more but how?’. So Wine Angel is here to help; a website dedicated to wine just for you, in a user friendly, up-to-date media format so you can pick and choose what you learn and when you learn, even without people looking! You can watch video blogs instead of ‘more’ reading in the evening, interact with other wine lovers on the forum, facebook page and twitter, and keep abreast with new wines, tastings and developments in the wine industry with my articles. It’s a book, blog, forum and social media network site all rolled into one which I hope will change the way we feel about and view wine. It’s such an amazing world to learn about as it intrinsically linked to our cultures, economy and history. You will be fascinated I assure you!

Wine Angel is therefore for everyone- those that do know about wine, those that don’t and those that think they do! So log on, sign up for free and away you go!

I hope you enjoy Wine Angel as much as I’ve enjoyed writing it for you.

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