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Wine Discovery with the Wine Angel

Welcome to Wine Angel, the first interactive wine website here to help you discover wine, learn more about wine and to connect you with the wine world.

As the name denotes, Wine Angel is here to guide you and to help break down the barriers in which wine has been hidden for years – and inject some fun along the way!

I live in Gibraltar. Having been a strategic trading country and culturally diverse centre for centuries, it is the perfect pillar to explore the wines of the Mediterranean. I will be inspiring you with the treasures of French, Italian, Spanish and Moroccan wines.  As well as following the current trends of wine worldwide, travelling the wine world and reporting back with everything I find!

We all drink wine these days; red, white and rosé, but we need to know what we are drinking and how to choose it. Learning more means to taste, to choose and to explore new wines. Wine Angel is here to empower you to make informed decisions and to have the confidence to do so.

From the foundation of grape varieties, to developing your palate. Let Wine Angel be your guide.

Like wine – experience it, share it and enjoy it!

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